Replica Guitars

When you think of Replica guitars I bet you think of two brands, Epiphone and Vintage. Epiphone are mainly known for their replica guitars and I can happily say that I own a SG replica from them. When I told my friend I had bought it the first thing he said was “It’s not a Gibson though is it?” but it still played like a Gibson, sounded like a Gibson but half the price of a Gibson. The only real difference is the head said Epiphone and not Gibson.

Of course this isn’t always the case as some replica guitars truly are a disgrace to the originals. The necks warp, the pickups are fuzzy, the body cracks and they are just generally horrible to play that come at a price that’s beyond dirt cheap. These are easy to avoid if you know what you’re looking for. I personally don’t risk buying replica guitars unless they are Epiphone, Hagstrom or on occasion a Vintage and I can say that I have never had a problem with their replicas.

That said there will always be people that buy for the brand. But then again, it’s like everything else that has a brand name. People want to be associated with the best of the trade and of course crave the quality of premium brands such as Gibson. If you can put the brand to the side though there are some genuinely fantastic replica guitars out there. And just to prove it here’s a side by side comparrison (with branding removed) between a Gibson SG and Epiphones replica version.

Epiphone SGGibson SG


How To Record Your Guitar

This is one of the most common questions asked of us and without being difficult there’s no straight answer! In all honesty, it has never been as easy to record your guitar! There are numerous devices that will record you and offer tons of other awesome features so in this blog will take you through the different types.

Stand Alone Devices

The first things to talk about are stand alone devices, basically things that will do the job without a computer. There are two types really; Multi-track recorders such as the Boss BR800 and handheld field recorders such as Roland R05. The multi-tracker is a bit more complicated to use but has a lot more functionality such as offering effects, drums to play along with and most importantly the ability to record yourself, listen back while recording yourself playing along – known as multi-tracking. This allows you to build up more interesting and generally more professional sounding compositions.

The field recorder is a much simpler device. It has in-built microphones and records a stereo file direct to a SD card. It is very simple to use (just hit record!) and gives great results. The key is to ensure you set the gain (basically the recording level) correctly to ensure the best results.

Audio Interfaces

A lot of people are recording direct to their PC, Mac or even iPad now using an audio interface such as the Roland Tri-Capture USB Audio Interface UA-33 or Presonus Audiobox i2. The benefits are very high quality results and the ability to multi-track almost infinitely. Also, if you get good results, the files can easily be taken to a professional studio. To be successful you will need a decent spec PC or MAC, some software (some interfaces come with lite versions for free) and devote some time to get to know how to use it all.

Multi FX boards

We stock the full range of the Boss Multi FX boards, currently ME-25, ME-80 and GT-100. All these devices offer recording to PC or MAC via USB. Again, results will vary depending on software used and the quality of the computer used. The major benefit is the wide variety of tones offered by the pedals. You will pretty much have access to ever amp and guitar effect ever made for recording. There is also the GT-001 which could fit into the audio interface category. It’s basically a GT-100 built for home recording and therefore offers a XLR input meaning you can plug in a Microphone to mic up your guitar instead of just direct record.

So hopefully this helps and shows there lots of ways to record your guitar. Also, we will endeavour to write another blog about what mics to use for recording but hopefully this helps! I probably should point out that both the Boss BR-80 & BR-800 can be used as stand alone multi-track devices, field recorders (as both have internal mic’s) and audio interfaces! Any questions, please contact us on 01473 217480 or email

Working In a Music Shop

Working in a music shop is one hell of an experience and to be quite honest I’m not too sure where to start this blog. I’ll tell you what, we’ll start at the temptation… The temptation of walking out that shop with every musical entity slung over your shoulder.

I’m a musical man myself, and I remember the first time I stepped foot into the shop, this feeling of comfort and giddy joy hitting me like a brick wall. I was instantly surrounded by the things I love. Guitars. An entire wall and to my delight, more just around the corner. To this day I struggle to resist the temptation of buying a new guitar each week which is always made worse by “testing” the new arrivals that are these six stringed beauties. But then again, I can’t really complain. I love it. Working with something I have a true passion for and working with people who share the way I feel about music.

I know you’re going to read this next line and think “the mother of all cliches” but the shop feels more like a family *cringe*. And I’m not just saying that to make it all seem hunky dory, but it’s the fact that we all share the common ground of loving music. We’re always showing off new and exciting things to one another and good god we’re like children at Christmas when we see the delivery man come with new products to “test”.

Now, if YOU were to come into our shop we’d get just as excited. Especially if you started  talking to us about any kind of musical product, you’d have trouble getting away from us because we’d have a new face to talk about the wonderful world of music with. Don’t get me wrong we’ve always got the customers best intentions in mind we just get a little bit carried away some time. With that said if a customer has a question we’re all ears. And I really do mean it. These guys truly go above and beyond. They’ve travelled to customers on the weekends to help set up something they bought from the shop. Spent countless hours of valuable time on the phone troubleshooting and just generally being a supportive figure to the customer.

Working here has given me an insight of a different world. A world that I hope will never fade to black.